Forbes published a list of the most richest rappers

1. Diddy – $ 820 million
2. Jay Z – $ 810 million
3. Dr. Dre – $ 470 million
4. Birdman – $ 110 million
5. Drake – $ 90 million

In the first place, of course, Diddy. However, as in previous years. His fortune is 820 million dollars. Moreover, according to experts, his business is growing rapidly and soon Diddy can become a happy owner of a billion!

Just behind him was Jay-Z, with a capital of 810 million dollars. It’s no secret that a few years ago he bought a musical service Tidal, whose shares have since grown 10 times. In general, over the past year, the state of Jay-Z jumped by 30%.

The third place of the richest hip-hop artists this year was hit by Dr. Dre. Now his fortune is estimated at 740 million dollars. Where he spent 3.2 billion from the sale of the company Beats we can only guess. In fact, as it was previously written in Forbes, only 25% of Beats belonged to Dre. He deserved third place in the rating.

Close the list – Birdman (110 million dollars) and Drake (90 million).

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